Maker Space

Well, 2020 was certainly a challenging year, we still managed to grow.   We didn’t do all the things we were planning of course, but we did invest in a Laser Engraving Machine!

So, still coming in 2021 instead of that year we rather forget about, we’ll be working on some big projects to update or improve our home maker space so we can make more leather goods, fan art and cool cosplay costumes.  Stay tuned!

Here are a few ideas we’re planning:

  • Spray and Air Brush Painting Station
  • 3D Printer Center  – Add at least 2 new and larger printers
  • Leather Storage Area
  • Costume Mannequins – For Display
  • Tool Cabinet or Tool Wall
  • Planning Board or Wall
  • New Work Bench 

Help us grow!

We are looking for donations to help us grow and be ready for the return to our local ComiCon and FanExpo conventions. If you would like to see us grow into a full maker-space for the Cosplay Community, see us at a booth at the next convention or just want to see a broader variety of cool stuff we can make, please help us with a donation! We would be very grateful! Just choose one of the options below. All donors for either campaign below will receive a surprise special gift when we achieve the goals below. We will announce the prizes as soon as they’re ready!

Thank you!

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