New products coming soon!

Although it’s not exactly business as usual for us during this crazy time, we have been busy in product developement, design and reinvestment into our maker space. In the coming days, we’ll be posting some of our newest products and projects as we dive back to our roots…Custom Leather Goods…and some new ideas to bringContinue reading “New products coming soon!”

Upcoming Projects…

As we head into convention season for 2018, Jamie and I are working on some exciting project ideas for new products and costume pieces… -New line of Fan Art Leather Bags and Wallets. -An official Crazy Canadian Mascot character costume. -Our own take on a Grey Jedi inspired character – full costume -Costume DIY leatherContinue reading “Upcoming Projects…”

Who’s coming to ComicCon Toronto? We are!

Travis and Jamie will be at ComicCon all day Saturday, March 17th, 2018.  We’ll be out and about talking to people in costume, getting to know people in the community. So, If you are a Cosplayer or new to Cosplay or Conventions, let’s meet up!   If you are looking to make a new outfit andContinue reading “Who’s coming to ComicCon Toronto? We are!”

Upcoming events

Interested in Cosplay or attending the next Con this year? Please visit our new Events page to find out which events we will be attending our joining.  We are not planning to have booths yet, but we will be walking around and talking to other guests about their costumes and what interests them to learnContinue reading “Upcoming events”

New Collaborations…

Doing some more collaboration work with Canadian Leathercraft today…Starting with some new Shoulder Bags…. We have been working with Canadian Leathercraft for nearly 9 years now, collectively creating new bags, wallets, pouches and hats and we’re very grateful for having a great long lasting friendship them. Please feel free to visit their website at Leathery.caContinue reading “New Collaborations…”