Up and coming…


We’ve been working on some new wallet and accessories designs over the past month and I think you’ll like them.

It can sometimes be a challenge to come up with new stuff cause you’ll look at your creation and think “this isn’t new! I’ve made this before!”

So where do I go for inspiration? I look everywhere. I’m on Pinterest, Facebook, DeviantArt and Etsy everyday and I pay attention… But I don’t copy. I let all the ideas I see get absorbed and let them sit until I start drawing again.
Then I go to our existing patterns and ask, how can I make something different with this? Sometimes it’s a new medicine pouch out of a wallet back, or new Bracelets out of failed belts.

The creative juices are flowing again, and I have lots of material. Let’s see what comes next…Wallets? Belts? Pouches? Armor perhaps? I’ll just leave you in a little suspense.

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